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Fun Delivery Today!

The brown truck arrived a few minutes ago and dropped off a box of goodies. My first print copies of GLASS REVENGE!

Glass Revenge Print Copies

There are several times in its lifecycle where a story becomes a book:

THE END: Although not literally typed at the end of most books, the tremendous sense of accomplishment is still tangible.

COVER: The manuscript may be done, but when the cover comes together, everything changes. This includes the image, title, hook line, and back cover copy. Now it's looking like a real book.

UPLOAD: Chapters are in order, front and back matter pages are assembled. It's time to upload everything. It's not published yet, but you can flip through pages with the online viewer, check the layout...and inevitibly find an error or two that slipped through.

PRINT: Third is when you hold the printed book in hand. No matter the thrill of releasing an ebook, there is something amazing when a box arrives and you hold the book in hand. It's a mixture of pride, humility, accomplishment, wonder, and an insane urge to do it again. I mean, that wasn't so hard, was it?

I hope you enjoy GLASS REVENGE. Writing Mina's story was one of my great privileges.

GLASS REVENGE is available now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, and most other e-retailers. And you can order it in print.

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