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Perilous Safety Series

What if your husband tried to kill you...after he was dead?
Perilous Cove - Book 1

What if your husband tried to kill you…after he was dead? 


Jack Clayton dies suddenly, leaving his wife, Natalie Clayton, with grief, funeral expenses, and a nasty mother-in-law. Now, someone wants Natalie dead—and all the evidence points to Jack.  


Detective Addison Conner, as a single dad, struggles to keep one step ahead of his teenage daughter while handling the department's increasing caseload. He's losing on both fronts. Before he can solve Natalie's case and look to the future, the attacks become intensely personal. Then Natalie disappears.  


On the rugged California coast, Natalie assumes a new identity and builds a new life, gaining at least part of the family she always wished for in the form of a needy young girl.  


But if Addison can’t catch the killer, everything Natalie's built may be destroyed.  


For life isn’t safe, especially in Perilous Cove.

Storm Song - Book 2

American singer Rayne Evans is on the verge of making it big in Europe’s competitive symphonic metal music scene, when a deranged fan attacks her band at their biggest concert.  


She’s forced to hide while she heals in the only safe place: Storm Lake, California, where no one would know to look. But the picturesque lake holds Rayne’s deepest secret, and a different kind of danger from a man she thought she’d never see again. If she’s not careful, she could lose her band, her career, and her life. 


Ben Conner made his choice years ago, and it wasn't chasing after Rayne Evans. It took years, but he’s recovered from her betrayal. Now she’s come to him for help and he can’t turn her away. But helping her could tear holes in the life he’s built for a young boy and for himself.

Desperation Falls -  Book 3


A year after surviving a shocking attack, former Los Angeles cable TV carpenter Lena Blaylock buys some dilapidated fishing cabins on the shore of Storm Lake on California’s Central Coast and fixes them up as rentals. It’s the fulfillment of a dream, and a chance to build a new life free of her violent past.


But she never intended sharing this unique setting with mysterious ex-lawman Alex Stone, or damaged teenage runaway Teal Kinshaw. 

And she especially didn’t plan on sharing Desperation Falls Camp with a dead body.

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