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Lake Effect Series

Night Skyy – Available Now!

He’s never seen her picture. 

She’s never heard his voice.

Late night radio host Skyy D reaches teens, 20- and 30-somethings through her Night Thoughts Internet show, mixing indie music, discussion topics, and advice. The virtual community is a safe place—especially for secretive Skyy Delaney.

She’s shaken one night when a young girl calls in, but how can Skyy help when she doesn’t even know where the girl is? Being virtual has its limitations.

Police officer Canon Truax listens to Skyy D on freezing nights at his cabin on Storm Lake, California, while recovering from an injury. Can someone fall in love with only a voice? In private messages, he teases Skyy about meeting—and offers help if she ever needs it. To his surprise—and hers—Skyy begins trading messages. 

Should she agree to meet? He’s a cop. One of the good guys, right?

But Storm Lake is more than a destination on a map. It’s a place that brings people together. 

Perfect. Except no one expects who else will show up at Storm Lake.

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