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Glass and Stone Series

Shattered Glass - Book 1

Lilly Hawthorne’s adoption five years ago is a rags-to-riches dream come true, complete with movie star mother and mega-producer father. But shortly before her eighteenth birthday, Lilly’s fairytale is destroyed when brutal attacks nearly kill her and threaten everything and everyone she holds dear. 


Regardless of promises, Lilly quickly learns no one can truly protect her or her new family. She seeks expert training from a mysterious and deadly Russian woman, and prepares for what she fears will be a battle of life and death.

Glass Revenge - Book 2

Seven years ago, Mina Glass, formerly Lilly Hawthorne, lost her name, her family, and her freedom. Distance and her new identity have kept her alive, but a sudden attack when she is a quarter of the way across the globe brings a stark reality: There is no place safe.

She recruits a former Marine, some of his buddies, and a secretive cyber expert. Team in place, it’s time to take back her life. She is now the hunter.

Killing Callie - Book 3

If your missing roommate told you to leave everything and run, would you?


When twenty-nine-year-old Callie Smith receives a desperate appeal from her roommate to disappear, she has minutes to decide if she should do it. It’s some kind of joke, right? Then a horrifying photo of her friend arrives, making the decision for her.

An attack on the job lands personal security specialist Kris Stone in the ER with a nasty concussion. She needs a new career before this one kills her. But when an injured woman—Callie—becomes her hospital roommate and begs for help to disappear, Kris has to step up one last time.

Within hours of hitting the road, it’s clear they’re being pursued, and Kris enlists help from her boyfriend, former-Marine Rowdy Haines. Because if Kris fails, the hunters are going to be Killing Callie.

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