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STORM SONG Availability

Due to a copyright validation request from my print publisher, Createspace, the print copies of STORM SONG my be delayed or show as unavailable. I hope this is resolved quickly.

For some reason, Createspace is questioning whether I own the copyright, even though the book has been in continuous print with them since December 2012.

On the good news front, the book is completely reformatted using some new (to me) software, Vellum. It does both ebook and print formatting, and automates some of the more annoying and tedious parts of the process. And the books look fantastic! I'm gradually working my way through all five books to bring a unified process and look. A little mind-numbing, but it will be worth it in the end.

So, barring another wacky copyright validation request, it's possible any of the print books may be unavailable for a few hours or overnight while the files update.

Thanks for your patience.

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