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  1. Colleen Bentley Knapp says:

    Hello Richard,
    I didn’t know anyone else who read the Mushroom Planet books!! I loved them. There were three if I recall correctly.

    Now that I’m retired, I have all kinds of time to read and study what I want. I didn’t know that you were a writer and now have a new author to check out.

    Good luck on your new book and I hope it will be available as a regular book. I like to hold a real book. It’s more, cozy and friendly.


    • Rich Bullock says:

      Thanks, Colleen. Yep, loved Mr. Bass and all the others. It was sad there weren’t more of those books.

      I agree–it would be great to have a printed book. I’m checking into printed books through Amazon’s Createspace. Hope to get through that process in the next month or so. Then some time for Createspace processing.