Large Print Versions Coming!

Several events have happened in the past few months that are revolutionizing the indie publishing industry once again.

First—and surprising to me—print books are still very popular, and the initial rapid rise in sales of digital books is leveling out in comparison to print sales. I've long been a proponent of ebooks and expected them to take over the world by now. Shows what I know!

Second, Vellum—the software I use for formatting the interior of my books—added functionality for generating Large Print versions using only a few clicks. Of course, larger print means more pages, requiring adjustments to the spine thickness. I'm also using a slightly larger book size to keep the page count reasonable. My cover designer is working on the artwork for all five books right now.

Third, I learned that libraries purchase a lot of Large Print books, but some traditional publishers are cutting their production of Large Print versions due to costs. This makes it a good time for indie authors/publishers to enter that segment of the market.

And fourth, Amazon consolidated its independent Createspace publishing company (primarily print books) into Kindle Direct Publishing (which had been only ebooks), making one interface for publishing both print and ebook versions.

While that simplifies the process for authors, it throws a wrench into print book distribution. Since other book retailers, such as Barnes & Noble, consider Amazon a direct competitor, they are reluctant to purchase books from Amazon to stock their stores. And libraries traditionally only buy from the major book distributors, not a retail chain such as Amazon.

Therefore, I'm looking at distributing the Large Print books both at Amazon for the general buyer, and also through Ingram Spark for the wholesale buyer (this is the company that distributes to libraries as well as small and large bookstores).

Anyway, that's kind of behind-the-scenes stuff I'm sure you don't care about (except for other geeky author friends).

What's important is I'll have another format of my books available, and I hope that produces renewed visibility in the search algorithms!

Find my books here:

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