“Too much killing and violence”

Posted: 14th October 2013 by Rich Bullock in Craft, Desperation Falls

Accurate Reviews

One reader said they couldn’t get into my book, Perilous Cove, because there was too much killing and violence. The person gave it a 1-star rating. So, they didn’t read the book, but felt qualified to review it.

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I’ve done a lot of writing since Perilous Cove, so my memory might be faulty but, if I remember right, no one is actually killed in the book (although a couple of people should be if there was justice in the world).

I can understand a person not liking a story because of too much violence, and Perilous Cove does start with a bang. However, I do wonder why the person bought it or got it as a free download in the first place. After all, it is a suspense novel!

Good thing they didn’t read and review Storm Song.

And I have to wonder, if Perilous Cove had “too much killing and violence,” what would the appropriate amount be? Half as much? Thirty percent?

Hmmm. Questions to ponder as I work on Desperation Falls, Book 3 of the Perilous Safety Series.

  1. Mimi Moseley says:

    In response, I DID read the entire book and LOVED it. 5 STARS for me!!!

  2. Dianne says:

    I loved all 3 books, but yes there was killing in “Perilous Cove.” At the beginning there’s a guy, the arson investigator who wasn’t named, that was duct taped and left in the building when it was set on fire. The next was the friend spending the night, Donna I think, who was stabbed before he set fire to the house.

    The killings didn’t ruin the books for me, I loved them all!

    • Rich Bullock says:

      Thanks, Dianne. I’d forgotten about Donna at the beginning. And at one time I had the arson investigator escaping. Such is the life of a confused writer’s over-creative mind. 🙂

      And thanks for reading them all!