Shooting the Glock 38mm. Oops.

Posted: 1st March 2017 by Rich Bullock in Craft
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Not getting it right.

I began reading a new novel last night. It sounded promising—woman on the run; rugged hero living in the wild—and it started with high action. Then, almost immediately, I was tripped up by an error. The man had a “38-millimeter Glock tucked into the waist” of his pants. Sounds rugged, manly, dangerous. Right?
Except there is no such weapon. No Glock models fire a 38-millimeter cartridge. Never have. There are 9mm, 10mm, .380s, .40s. Even a .357. (There IS a Glock model 38, but it fires a .45 caliber cartridge).
Later on in the book, the author says “he put the safety back on the Glock.” No again. Glocks don’t have an external safety level or button. Many pistols do, but not Glocks. It’s one of their prime selling features for being ready to fire without having to remember a manual safety.
Anyone who owns any Glock model knows this. The first person behind a gun store counter could advise on this. So could any number of people in law enforcement.
I’ll be quick to say it’s near impossible to put out a perfect book–I’ve had a fair number of readers offer corrections for my goofs (relatively minor, though still embarrassing), and I appreciate those willing to contact me. It makes me want to do better, to ask questions, to research deeper, to familiarize myself with the topics I write about.
So authors: Don’t skimp on getting these things correct.