By Rich Bullock


Amazing Spider-ManIt began with comic books. Mom lamented hard-earned money spent on comics, but my brother and I were hooked, eventually amassing a collection of over 500 volumes we stored in an old, highboy chest of drawers. Each month we would scour the local store for the latest episodes of our favorites. I still remember the anticipation on the monthly release days.

Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Superman became familiar, trusted friends–well, maybe not Hulk; I mean, who wanted an angry green giant for a friend?

Beyond comics, Tom Swift Jr. occupied a couple of feet on my bookshelf. I learned of worlds, scientific discoveries, and adventures far beyond the walls of the 600 square foot home in San Luis Obispo, California I shared with my mom and brother.

I spent endless hours drawing colored pencil charts of our solar system, and dreamed of building my own spaceship, like David and Chuck in The Wonderful Flight to the Mushroom Planet. Ah, the endless imagination of boys–and girls, too.

After years reading what’s now called Speculative Fiction (science fiction and fantasy), my writing took a left turn into suspense. I find it much easier to put people in peril on our world rather than having to create the world from scratch (hand-claps to those talented ones who can do that).





  Rich Bullock lives and writes in northern California (mostly at the Eureka Starbucks in Redding). NorCal gives a whole new settings for stories of ordinary people pursued by nasty ones. He considers that fun.

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