With unemployment being at 4.3% (last numbers), I wonder where these protesters get the time to hassle each other?

This is the weekend before Labor Day, the traditional time for one last manic blast before we dive into school, 2-3/4 months before the next holiday, and a few days of what we used to call hot Indian Summer (probably not PC now). Store shelves are stocked with hamburgers & hotdogs, buns, chips, soda, and mountains of charcoal briquettes. And, of course, that great paradox of shopping: tables of flannel shirts and jackets when you’re looking for a new bathing suit to replace the one you wore out this summer. Good luck with that.

People are packing up coolers, pickups, campers, and SUVs for trips to the lake, mountains, the solar eclipse, and…

Wait a minute! I just saw the news. Everyone seems to be heading to cities to protest other protesters. Now I may be wrong, but these folks don’t look like they’re planning a barbecue–unless it’s to roast each other. I’m reading these news stories, and there are so many groups involved, protesting each other, I can’t keep up. Some groups that purportedly hate each other are aligning to hate others they hate even more.

With unemployment so low, don’t these people have jobs? Shouldn’t they be doing something to build positive experiences with family? Maybe invite a lonely neighbor to that barbecue?

Ahh, but no. They would rather sweat on hot pavement, throw things at police, and shout inane chants that begin with “Hey, hey, ho, ho…” <fill in your own pet group you hate here>.

And, as a writer, this brings me to my point. I’m glad I write fiction. Sure I have bad guys–and now I have even more examples to choose from just by watching five minutes of news–but I also fill my stories with good people who have values and who care for each other.

Personally, I like reading books where good overcomes evil. I guess I’d better get back to writing stories like that, because there seems to be a lot of evil to overcome.