GLASS REVENGE – Coming Soon!

Posted: 9th February 2018 by Rich Bullock in Books

Book 2 in the Glass & Stone series is coming soon!


Here’s a teaser from the back cover:

“Don’t get dead, Glass.” – Rowdy Haines
Seven years…
Palomino “Mina” Glass, formerly Lilly Hawthorne, lost her name, her family, her freedom. For seven years, distance and her new identity keep her alive. Then, a sudden attack when she is a quarter of the way across the globe brings a stark reality: there is no place safe.
She recruits gruff ex-Marine Rowdy Haines, her friend Kris Stone, and a secretive cyber expert. Team in place, it’s time to take back her life. She becomes the hunter.
Evie Mendak’s whole family was massacred seven years ago, and Lilly Hawthorne is responsible. Now a new enemy threatens everything Evie has painstakingly rebuilt. Before it can take her down, she has one goal: Lilly Hawthorne must pay…with her life.
In his biggest mistake, FBI Special Agent Kaden Hunt let Mina Glass get away. It’s been years, but in a strange twist, it is memories of her that enable him to survive a brutal captivity. As he recuperates, he discovers Mina’s location and her insane plan. And if Kade can find her, so can the killer.
Mina’s objective is clear. If she eliminates her target, she can go home. If she fails…
“Don’t get dead, Glass.” Easier said than done.
GLASS REVENGE – Cover Reveal coming soon.