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With unemployment being at 4.3% (last numbers), I wonder where these protesters get the time to hassle each other? This is the weekend before Labor Day, the traditional time for one last manic blast before we dive into school, 2-3/4 months before the next holiday, and a few days of what we used to call […]

Progressing on Desperation Falls

Posted: 9th September 2013 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

  After a few months break editing a terrific inspirational memoir, I’m back at work on Desperation Falls, Book 3 of the Perilous Safety Series. Teal Kinshaw is stealing food from Lena’s cabin at Storm Lake, California, and Lena has just been introduced to Alex Storm: Then she stopped breathing altogether as a man stepped […]

Top 10 Marketing No-No’s

Posted: 16th April 2013 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

If you’ve finished your great novel and are trying to figure out how to market it, here are some things to avoid! This link gives you all the contact information for other good posts. Enjoy!

5 Grammar Rules That Probably No Longer Matter

Posted: 13th October 2012 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

Have you ever wondered who makes up the grammar rules?   Me, too. And why—at least in the English language—do they keep changing? Well, the reality is that society makes the rules—and society is constantly changing. New words replace old, slang becomes a listing in official dictionaries—and the trend will continue at an increased rate […]

Storm Song Now Available!

Posted: 4th August 2012 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

Storm Song (Perilous Safety Series – Book 2) Just available on Amazon for Kindle, and on for all formats. $2.99.   Thanks to everyone who helped getting this ready by test reading and sending suggestions!

Storm Song Final Cover Art

Posted: 23rd July 2012 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized
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I’m really excited to reveal the cover for Storm Song – Perilous Safety Series, Book 2. Due to illness, Storm Song will be releasing in August–early, I hope! Thanks for all the support and demand for this second book about a singer who has to deal with an attacker, as well as something even more […]

News: Perilous Cove Now Available for Nook

Posted: 25th June 2012 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

Now on Nook! Perilous Cove is now on Barnes & Noble for the Nook ebook reader.

Perilous Cove now on Kobo

Posted: 22nd June 2012 by Rich Bullock in Uncategorized

Perilous Cove is  available on Amazon Kindle,, and now on for the Kobo e-reader and other readers in EPUB (DRM-Free) format. $2.99 everywhere. Barnes & Noble will be a few more days. People are saying they have a hard time putting it down. That’s certainly better than hurling it against the wall (especially […]