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What to Do When Your iPhone Drowns – Part 2

Posted: 16th August 2014 by Rich Bullock in Technology

Learning a new OS Okay, so in yesterday’s post I explained about losing my iPhone 5s and needing a replacement for the weeks before the new iPhones come out. I began with the iPhone 3s, then got the 4s, and—until Wednesday of this week—the 5s. (insert sad face here). I could have gotten a cheap […]

What to Do When Your iPhone Drowns – Part 1

Posted: 15th August 2014 by Rich Bullock in Technology

iPhone Dependence I admit, I’m one of those Apple iPhone diehards. But there’s a reason: we have Macs and iPads at home, and we sync our Contacts, Calendars, Bookmarks, Photos, etc., through iCloud. For years I struggled with Palm Treos, trying to get basic sync to work. It DID work at times for a few […]

The Hardest Thing About Writing A Story

Posted: 20th October 2012 by Rich Bullock in Craft, Scrivener, Technology

   Keeping the timeline of a story straight is always a challenge for me, especially when I have two or three main characters whose plots intertwine. Today, I made a new Reference document in my writing application, Scrivener. I took screenshots of monthly calendars (I used the Grab application and the Calendar Widget on my Macintosh), […]

Learning WordPress

Posted: 13th April 2012 by Rich Bullock in Technology

I’m studying a free Kindle book, WordPress To Go – How To Build A WordPress Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner, by Sarah McHarry. The book is a walk-through tutorial of the basics of how to do it. Along with the WordPress forum Q&A, I’m gradually figuring […]