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As I sat with a fellow writer awhile back, he recounted to me a conversation he had with a traditional publishing house acquisitions editor. My friend was submitting a nonfiction book proposal, and the editor made a point of instructing him to include his platform. When my friend asked if his proposal would be considered […]

Over 35,000 Copies Downloaded Worldwide!

Posted: 5th May 2016 by Rich Bullock in Books, Marketing

Well, I finally got around to totaling up four years of reports from Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). Some surprising facts emerged: Over 35,000 copies of Perilous Cove have been downloaded through March 2016! (Original ebook publishing date was May 28, 2012). Readers in 11 countries have downloaded the book. Over 100 reviews on Amazon. I […]

Free on Kindle – Perilous Cove

Posted: 7th February 2014 by Rich Bullock in Marketing

Perilous Cove Free on Kindle, Feb 8, 9, 10! Perilous Cove will be available as a free download for Kindle reading devices and apps Saturday through Monday on Amazon. Please tell your friends! The goal is to have as many downloads as possible so the book’s ranking increases in the Amazon search pages.

Gagging on Social Media

Posted: 16th May 2012 by Rich Bullock in Marketing, Publishing

Platform Overload Photo Credit: Roger Smith via Compfight A literary agency asked an author friend of mine how she planned to market her book? (In the old days, the publisher did most of that, but times have changed–a lot). Along with her submitted proposal they asked for: # of Facebook friends and fans, # of […]