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Now Available – Desperation Falls

Posted: 3rd February 2014 by Rich Bullock in Desperation Falls

3rd book of Perilous Safety Series now available! Find it at Smashwords¬†(for all reader hardware), and Amazon so far. More retailers coming soon. I’m finishing up the print layout, and that edition will be shipping in February.

Cover for Desperation Falls

Posted: 22nd January 2014 by Rich Bullock in Desperation Falls

Here is the final cover for Desperation Falls, Book 3 of the Perilous Safety Series. The ebook will release on January 31st for Kindle. A print version will be available in February. I wish I’d had this cover done when I was writing the book. Very inspiring! Great job by graphic artist, Rob Henslin.

“Too much killing and violence”

Posted: 14th October 2013 by Rich Bullock in Craft, Desperation Falls

Accurate Reviews One reader said they couldn’t get into my book, Perilous Cove, because there was too much killing and violence.¬†The person gave it a 1-star rating. So, they didn’t read the book, but felt qualified to review it. I’ve done a lot of writing since Perilous Cove, so my memory might be faulty but, […]