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Perilous Cove – Perilous Safety Series, Book 1

What if your husband tried to kill you…after he was already dead?


Perilous Cove Novel ebook cover

Jack Clayton dies suddenly, leaving Natalie with grief, bills, and a nasty mother-in-law. Now, someone wants Natalie dead. She flees to her only sanctuary: her late aunt’s cottage in Perilous Cove. On the rugged California coast, she builds a new identity and life. But life isn’t safe, especially not in Perilous Cove.

Semi-finalist, Zondervan First Novel Contest. Perilous Cove is available in ebook format on Amazon for Kindle.
For Print copies, order from or from Amazon.

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Storm Song – Perilous Safety Series, Book 2

Nothing’s quite as peaceful as a mountain lake resort, unless it contains your ex-husband…and a killer.

Storm Song Final Cover


American vocalist Rayne Evans is on the verge of making it big in Europe’s competitive music scene, when a deranged fan attacks and nearly kills her. She’s forced to hide while she heals in the only safe place: Storm Lake, California, where no one would know to look. But the picturesque resort holds Rayne’s deepest secret, and danger from a man she thought she’d never see again.

Winner, ACFW Genesis Contest – Suspense. Storm Song is available on Amazon for Kindle.
For Print copies, order from or from Amazon.

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Desperation Falls – Perilous Safety Series, Book 3

All she wants is someplace safe.

All she wants is someplace safe.

A year after surviving a shocking attack, former Los Angeles cable TV carpenter Lena Blaylock buys some dilapidated fishing cabins on the shore of Storm Lake on California’s Central Coast and fixes them up as rentals. It’s the fulfillment of a dream, and a chance to build a new life free of her violent past. But she never intended sharing this unique setting with mysterious ex-lawman Alex Stone, or damaged teenage runaway Teal Kinshaw.
And she especially didn’t plan on sharing Desperation Falls Camp with a dead body.
As the hot summer progresses, Teal becomes a vital part of Lena’s life. And, after a few barbecues together under the stars, Stone rises several notches from irritating to intriguing.
But when Lena and Teal unwittingly expose information from Lena’s past, it triggers a murder attempt on a friend in Los Angeles. Then a local girl at the lake disappears. Are they connected?
Teal’s own past might be a critical key, but only if she reveals all her ugly secrets.
Lena and Stone must figure out the connections, because everyone she loves—everything she’s built—is in danger.

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Shattered Glass – Glass & Stone Series, Book 1

Someone wants her dead. Another wants to save her. She wants her life back.


Now Available!

Available on Amazon Kindle, Smashwords for Nook and other epub readers. Soon on Barnes & Noble, Kobo, and other sites. Print version coming.

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