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Perilous Cove – Official Book Cover

Posted: 25th May 2012 by Rich Bullock in Publishing
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I’m really excited to have the final book cover copy for my novel, Perilous Cove. Here it is. The eBook version will be out on Kindle in a couple of weeks, with the print version available sometime this summer. My great thanks to Rob Henslin who designed the cover, and for my wife, Sheryl, who […]

Lisa Marie Presley – Writing to Music

Posted: 24th May 2012 by Rich Bullock in Craft

Do you write to music? I do. In fact, just listening to certain songs practically compel me to grab my laptop and head for Starbucks. I recently downloaded Lisa Marie Presley’s new album, Storm & Grace. I’d never thought about writing a story about deep Louisiana, but her songs take me there in a heartbeat. […]

Gagging on Social Media

Posted: 16th May 2012 by Rich Bullock in Marketing, Publishing

Platform Overload Photo Credit: Roger Smith via Compfight A literary agency asked an author friend of mine how she planned to market her book? (In the old days, the publisher did most of that, but times have changed–a lot). Along with her submitted proposal they asked for: # of Facebook friends and fans, # of […]